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THE MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY – Ankara, Turkey – Message from Mrs. Margaret J-M Sönmez   

We have pleasure in announcing that the 2010 METU British Novelists Conference will focus on Jane Austen and Her Works. I attach an announcement and would be very happy if you could announce this on your website.

The METU (Middle East Technical University) British Novelists Conference series is now in its 18th year and we have each year enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and in-depth conversations and papers that characterize our focused approach to literature. World-famous scholars and new, young academics are given equal treatment and the exchange of ideas and friendships is one of the many pleasures we would like to invite your Society’s members to share with us.

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The Jane Austen Story – Exhibition – Winchester Cathedral

A new exhibition will open on 10 April to celebrate Jane Austen’s life in Hampshire and her final resting place within the Cathedral. To complement the story, a number of exhibits from Winchester Cathedral’s and Winchester College’s archives will be displayed.

Find out more here.

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Newsletter  – May 25th 2010 – Argentina’s Bicentenary Issue – 1810 – 2010 – Topics:

Argentina’s Bicentenary by Patrick Dudgeon

When in Rome:what Mrs. Ferrars could do in England but not in Argentina and why it matters by Amy Smith

Connivance by Patrick Dudgeon

A comment on Jane Austen’s “The happy lab’rer”by Susana Sara Walsh

Jasba’s Chronicle & Sensibilities by Patrick Dudgeon

Emma by Jane Austen & Austen’s Emma by Diarmuid Lawrence by Jeannette Seyahian

The Jane Austen report for 2008 by Patrick Dudgeon

Playfulness by Helen Baker by Doris Godward

Revelation by Patrick Dudgeon

What`s all the hullabaloo about? by Patrick Dudgeon

Mansfiel Park: Five Opinions

I by Mariana Diaz Lartirigoyen

II by Miriam Parreira

III by Silvia Killner

IV by Laura Primiani

by Cristina Turbel

R.L.S. and the danger of austenmania or austenitis by Patrick Dudgeon


March 2001 One of our members, Malvina Aparicio, paid a visit to Bath

Primera Junta de Gobierno – 25 de mayo de 1810
Primer Gobierno Patrio